Gentlemen's Formal Hire For All Occasions

We can supply suits and formal wear in East Yorkshire for all occasions, be it a day at the races, a formal dinner, wedding or another occasion. Most options are available to hire or purchase, depending on your requirements. It’s understandable that for a one-off occasion, you may not wish to purchase a full outfit. We therefore provide a formal hire service to enable you to select the right outfit for your event, get the best fit and most importantly - look your best! Read our Suit Hire Guide below

As formal wear and wedding outfitters we can supply a very wide range of wedding suits and formal wear hire to fit everyone in the Grooms party from children to the broadest of gentleman. Formal outfits can be accessorised to fit in with colour themes within the wedding. We also provide Kilts and Highland Formal wear services which, whilst not frequently asked for, we particularly enjoy.

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